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A small and robust amplifier box sends the signal via Bluetooth to the device (phone, tablet, etc.). The amplifier can be fixed on the stock via a strap. The box is connected with the trigger sensor via a 30cm long cable. The trigger sensor is 1 mm thick and has approximately the size of an average trigger. It can be fixed with a tape on the trigger.


The trigger-trainer app displays the measured force signal of the trigger finger in clear graphs. Initially a zero measurement and a measurement of the trigger force while pulling the trigger have to be accomplished in order to calibrate the system – see commissioning. You can save all the data and create a PDF report. You can download the trigger-trainer app on


In the report the trigger work is illustrated via graphs and tables. The average values at the different points of time (1, 0,6 and 0,3 sec before firing and 0,2 sec after pulling the trigger, respectively) give you feedback about your triggering behavior. In a second graph all trigger curves are displayed one above the other. Furthermore, several shooting clips can be shown in one single table.



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